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Introducing South Boston TMS!
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About South Boston TMS

Our Clinic was among the first clinics established in Massachusetts back in 2018 and is the only one that is supervised by two doctors. Our Medical Director is a Harvard Psychiatry Graduate. We serve clients aged 18 and up, particularly those with mood disorders through our Psychiatry Services in East Bridgewater, MA.

Why South Boston TMS?

  • Truly attentive and personalized care (we take each of our client’s care as a unique one individually)
  • Most familiar environment and relaxing atmosphere
  • The only TMS Clinic that is supervised by two doctors
  • Our Medical Director is a Harvard Psychiatry Graduate

Dr. Bodrog’s Bio

Dr. Gyorgy (Dr. B) Bodrog, MD, CCHP is a Harvard Psychiatry graduate with 33 years of unmatched experience in all fields of Mental Health diseases. He is certified in Adult Psychiatry, Addiction, and Forensic Psychiatry, nationwide, as well as in the European Union.

“Dr. B” is a well-known and trusted Psychiatrist in the South Shore, who specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, and is skilled in all types of treatments, including the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation [TMS]. He established the South Boston TMS Clinic, which was among the first in the area, offering the most updated technologies to help patients heal from depression.

With his education and training at Budapest, SUNY, Johns Hopkins, then Harvard – “Dr. B” knows that trusting his Team is essential in healing his patients.

Seeing clients in person is a core value at his TMS Clinic – the only one that is serving its patients with 2 doctors daily, even during COVID times. His team works with dedication in providing their clients with customized treatments within the most familiar and comforting setting available.

Our Mission

We aim to beat depression with TMS in weeks! Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate TMS therapy services that enable all our clients to live their life happily again as they should.


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